Our Supporters

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Message From Premiere of Alberta

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Government of Alberta for recognizing and supporting our cause. We are very grateful that the government is standing along our side and understanding the need of raising awareness on domestic abuse by supporting Nadia's Hope Foundation.

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A huge thank you and support of Sarjesa Inc., who is a Canadian socially focused tea company, supporting impactful violence prevention programming for women in crisis through the sale of high quality tea. Each blend is beautifully crafted in consultation with local community members , made using a mixture of fairtrade and organic ingredients produced locally and internationally.

Each box features art by a Canadian artist, and $2.00 from every box is donated to local women's shelters. Each box contains 30 teabags

Alexandra and I met during my podcast recording as she was a guest on my show and spoke about her work with her tea company. We quickly became friends and have since teamed up with a sponsorship by Sarjesa Inc. and a feature on her website to help spread the awareness and initiative that we are both looking to work on together.

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We are honoured to partner and work alongside YASA, an initiative for road safety and education on how we can create safer driving and encourage awareness on the high rates of accidents because of reckless driving due to speed, distracted driving, fatigue, driving under the influence, and many factors that contribute to many deaths on the road.

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Fear is Not Love

My family and I are eternally grateful to the the Calgary Emergency Women's Shelter who has helped raise funds in honour of Nadia, by teaming up with Shoppers Drug Mart for their Shoppers.Love.You, as well as CTV News for their Toy Mountain Drive. Through that, they helped raise funds in Nadia's name with all proceeds going right to the shelter, and giving us the platform to continue telling Nadia's story.

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Calgary Druze Community Association

The El-Dib family would like to acknowledge and thank the Calgary Druze Community, the Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa Druze Communities who were instrumental in not only donations during a very trying time for my family, but also the emotional support that my family is so grateful for. The Calgary Druze were there during this difficult time catering to every need and taking care of every affair that was needed to get us through this hardship. We are in awe of how much support we received and how strong our community can be when a family is in need of it.

We would also like to personally acknowledge the American Druze Society, as well as all of the local chapters in the United States who donated and supported my family, we recognize that although you might not even know us, as Druze we are there for each each other.

To the Druze communities worldwide, we also acknowledge and thank you for everything you have done for us.

A massive thank you to everyone worldwide, to those who knew us or donated, sent us a message, and were a support to my family and continue to do so. Know that you all have a special place in our lives and hearts. A community that sticks together is an extreme asset when experiencing a tragedy, as support is needed during such a trying time, but thankfully to all of you, we made it through stronger and are thankful to those around us.

Need Support?

Women's Shelter

If you need help and access to resources, please click on the Calgary Womens Emergency Shelter logo to the right to direct you to their safe website, or call their toll-free hotline, available 24/7, at 403-234-7233. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.